CPU offers high speed broadband internet service in Northeast Iowa and Southeastern Minnesota.

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Online Technical Support


Don't want to bring your computer in? Let us help you online to resolve your computer issues. SupportGive us a call and then click on the green check mark to get started. 

Networking Solutions

CPU offers many network and internet solution to make your business more efficient. Wireless and hard-wired network solutions including routers, servers, printers, thin clients and mass storage devices are available. We are happy to meet with you and assess your present and future needs and provide quotes.

Managed Services

Managed Services allows us to remotely service and manage your computers via a small PC placed in your business. Managed services allows for prompt and efficient service and maintenance from our location.

Terminal Services

Terminal Services allows business clients to rent space and from our servers. This allows our clients to not have to purchase software licenses and not worry about backing up data. You will always have the most current software available. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Home Automation

Home Automation can automate your control of lighting, central heating and air, appliances and other systems to provide convenience, comfort and energy efficiency.

Solutions Provider

Don't just put a band aid on the problem, let CPU provide a solution to help you with your current computer needs.